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ADHD… More than an attention issue




ADHD affects more than just our attention spans.

[Image Text: Did you know?

Some facts about ADHD

ADHD is more than an attention problem

Emotional regulation


Memory problems

Temporary dyslexia

Prioritizing tasks

Coordination issues

Organizational skills

Difficulty starting tasks

Poor follow through

ADHD affects every facet of the brain]

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it’s ridiculous how so much of your future depends on how successful you are as a teenager

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some facts you should know


  • eating disorders are not cute 
  • depression is not trendy
  • self-harm is not fun
  • mental illness is not an accessory
  • you do not want to suffer from something so destructive
  • there is no ”strange beauty” in illness
  • mental illnesses are not as glamorous as they are portrayed on television and tumblr

(via the-life-of-an-adhd-girl)

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